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Our years of personal experience and research have given us positive, life changing results with certain health supplements, and we want to share this information with you.


I am here to teach you that we all have the ability to be intuitive, psychic beings – with a profound connection to everything on the planet and beyond it.

– Christine Padovan

I am here to teach you that every conflict you experience is not actually a conflict, but has happened on purpose, because you actually brought it to you to teach you something that you needed to know.

– Christine Padovan

I am here to perform ‘miracles’ not only in my life, but to show you how miracles happen in your life and when you awaken to your true Divine Self, you will see them on a daily basis!

– Christine Padovan

REFUND POLICY: Due to the energetic nature of the programs offered by https://thepaladina.com, there are no refunds.  Please be sure to carefully consider this refund policy prior to making your purchase.



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