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About us

Our Story

Many years, and for some, eons of generational experience have gone into making us who we are right now.  Dr. Brian Weiss (“Many Lives, Many Masters”) woke me up to the fact that all living beings have a Soul (or as Dr Sue Morter would say, a Soulful Self) and that if our Soul or Higher Self chooses, it can come back and live many lifetimes on this planet.  Why?  A lesson needing to be learned not learned before.  Coming back to heal a past family trauma.  Bringing a solution not found in a previous life.  Redeeming past life karma. 

After working through many different industries in this life and others, I and others are here to assist the planet in bringing the scales back into balance.  Will you join us on the journey?

Our mission

Many are now seeing that to create peace, love and joy in the world, we have to create peace, love and joy within ourselves first, then shine that outward.  The world is changing rapidly.  We are changing with it.

Our mission is to assist others in regaining sovereignty in their lives by recognizing the divinity in all living beings, not just in one person or place.  There is a higher purpose for being here.  Let us show you what it is.

Meet Our Instructors

Christine Padovan

Founder and CEO

Franziska Siragusa – Italy

(languages: German, Italian, English)

Penny Wing – Spain, United Kingdom

(Languages: Spanish, English)

Peter Tongue – B.C., Canada

(language: English)

Sameeta Nanjiani – India

(languages: English)

Wiebke Detlefs – Germany

(languages: German, English)

Freequently asked questions

Are you a real person?

Yes!  I worked in several industries over the years, including information technology (Network Engineer and Administrator); social work counseling, neuropsychology research, finance, security/field investigation and construction.  I still do work as a narrator and voice talent (see https://christinepadovan.com) and enjoy doing that as well.   So I’m not a bot or a scammer, if that is your concern.  I had been coming into my spiritual healing and psychic intuitive gifts over the last 18 years.    😊

What types of information will I get from you and/or your website?

If you check out the front page, you will see a section of Free Tools-Downloads which have been fortunate enough to have been passed on to me through my many spiritual leader connections and email lists.  My team and I have spent a lot of time putting these free tools into categories that most people frequently search on and want to benefit from.  Feel free to peruse the different categories and see the vast selection of guided meditations, prayers, health and wellness articles, success and manifestation techniques – completely free 😊

What are your qualifications?

I am a Certified Facilitator of The Energy Codes®  by Dr Sue Morter. Classes taught by me and my colleagues as part of  The Energy Codes® by Dr. Sue Morter, those classes and workshops are not free and will have an appropriate fee structure.

Please click the Events and Classes tabs at the top of this website page to get more information about booking me for an The Energy Codes® class or a book workshop (I can travel internationally to teach in person or virtually).

What makes you different from other spiritual mentors and teachers on the Internet?

You may see quite a few websites, touting spiritual lessons and classes.   Many of them are genuine healers, inspirational coaches, spiritual yoga instructors, and psychics.  What I feel makes me different than most is that I’m very concerned that people need to be taught to ‘go fish’ for themselves and not just pay someone to give them the answer to a question or problem.  I’m also passionate about fairness and justice (balance) for everyone, based on personal and professional experience in being involved in criminal cases where the suspects are still out in the world, causing major harm to many.  I want to empower people to be able to take control of any situation in their lives, but especially if it may involve the law.

Additional qualifications?

I’m also Certified in Sacred Meditation work by Reverend R Scott Sherman and will be offering, upon request, energy healing meditations for those wishing private or group sessions.  These are between 20 to 30 minutes guided meditation sessions where either the individual or group needs to be present in person or virtually in a calm, quiet setting to get the most benefit from the session.  Please send a request through this website if you are interested in a session 😊

When are you available?

I am available Monday-Friday 8a-8p est.

Take a Free Session Today

Are you ready to make life feel more grounded and centered?  Ready to witness more miracles happening around you?  Take a look at what we’re about and see where your Higher Self is guiding you…

REFUND POLICY: Due to the energetic nature of the programs offered by https://thepaladina.com, there are no refunds.  Please be sure to carefully consider this refund policy prior to making your purchase.



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