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New Year – New Earth Activations

January 8, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Welcome to the New Earth Timeline!

The Wayshowers are being called to power up the New Earth Timeline for all to join us. Come with your transformative intentions for the new year, new cycle, and new Aquarian Era. Our time has arrived!

Step into the Source portal and seed your intentions for the New Year and our New Earth! We are transmitters and receivers of light. As the gateway opens, our bioelectric field attunes to the ascension codes embedded in the light infusion. When we travel to the galactic center and connect to the crystal stargate of Source, we are paving the pathway home.

Travel to the Great Central Sun and step into the Crystal Stargate with Starseeds all around the world, as Meg channels Metatron’s sacred geometry Activations. Tapping into the ancient knowledge of Zep Tepi Mystery Schools and Quantum Access® modality, Meg will guide you through the steps to open your Portal to the Quantum Field. Watch Intro Video Here

Join Meg Benedicte and Manette Mays with Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings all around the world for the 2022 New Year – New Earth Activations on Saturday, January 8th at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time. All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL.

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