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Open the Door to Dream Travel – Robert Moss (available anytime) FREE

Experience conscious dream travel to explore the past, access other dimensions of NOW, visit your future and other versions of yourself, and reclaim your spiritual lineage. With Bestselling Author and Dream Archeologist Robert Moss Free video event available anytime - click here to access: https://theshiftnetwork.com/Opening-Door-Dream-Travel?cookieUUID=bd3d1979-f2e0-411b-bfc8-8749c7c9eec3&cookieUUID=73bcbbaf-278e-4b75-a50a-f17088c25a7a&affiliate=6098


Find Inspiration & Healing in the Radical Teachings of St. Hildegard (FREE 1 hour video – instant access)

Discover the Uncommon Life of This 12th-Century Mystic to Reconnect to Nature & the Divine The Creator is a woman and her name is Love... These are the words of 12th-century mystic and visionary Hildegard of Bingen, the brash and brilliant medieval abbess who rebelled fearlessly against the patriarchy of church and society. Receiving mystical […]


Create Conscious Intimacy & Supercharge Your Love Life – FREE online video series

6 Practices to Expand Your Capacity for Passion, Co-Creativity, Harmony, Tenderness, and Trust - for Singles and Partners. FREE ONLINE VIDEO PROGRAM SERIES of two (2) 60 minutes videos - click the link: https://www.humanitysteam.org/masterclasses/higher-love/signup?inf_contact_key=bfd6315af04fc1b6348a4eb047324d50842e902fbefb79ab9abae13bfcb46658 with New York Times Bestselling Authors and Relationship Experts KATHERINE WOODWARD THOMAS & DR. LAURA BERMAN Attend anytime by signing up […]

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