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Global JOY Summit: Nov 13 – 16, 2022 (FREE online event)

Join us and be inspired by the contagious JOY and timely message of the Dalai Lama and the late, great Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and learn from 30+ renowned joy scientists, spiritual teachers, changemakers, and artists. Sign up here - it's FREE  : https://www.globaljoysummit.org


Manifest Your Dream Life Through the Process of Conscious Creation: Dee Wallace (FREE video access anytime)

Whether we long for the right partner, better health, or greater career success — when we deeply desire something, even the most proactive among us often look to outside forces to make it happen. Maybe you’re trying to call what you want into your life through classic manifestation techniques or affirmations. Perhaps you meditate on it, or ask God, guides, or angels to deliver it to your door. Without realizing it, you’ve been focusing on what you don’t have — and associating what you want with the stress of waiting for it to happen. Dee Wallace, actress and trailblazing spiritual teacher, guides her students to build the lives they want through the process of Conscious Creation, the practice of consciously knowing what you want and intentionally asking the universe to partner with you. Click the link the register for instant access: https://theshiftnetwork.com/Manifest-Your-Dream-Life-Through-Process-Conscious-Creation  


Find Inspiration & Healing in the Radical Teachings of St. Hildegard (FREE 1 hour video – instant access)

Discover the Uncommon Life of This 12th-Century Mystic to Reconnect to Nature & the Divine The Creator is a woman and her name is Love... These are the words of 12th-century mystic and visionary Hildegard of Bingen, the brash and brilliant medieval abbess who rebelled fearlessly against the patriarchy of church and society. Receiving mystical visions since the age of three, Hildegard professed that God was female and male — and existed in all of the Cosmos and everything within it... including Mother Earth, who in Hildegard’s eyes was the mother of all. During this thought-provoking hour with Matthew Fox, one of the foremost mystical scholars of our time, you’ll be nourished and revitalized by Hildegard’s inspirational writings, heart-opening music, illuminating stories of her life — and divinely inspired guidance on how we can rise to meet the uncertainties of our time with compassion, conviction, creativity, and grace. Click the link to register for instant access: https://theshiftnetwork.com/Find-Inspiration-Healing-Radical-Teachings-St-Hildegard  


Quest Egypt 2022: International Retreat – Nov 21 to Dec 3, 2022

Egypt is a Golden Age epi-centre and stargate defined by sacred architecture and creation stories, firing our sacred blueprints in universal languages of mathematics, sound, and symbolism. These phenomenon unify humanity. Arrive in Egypt to be present at a pivotal time, the 100-year celebration of the discovery of Tutankamon's tomb is 22 November 2022. We have prepared profound integrated experiences and world class mentoring to include metaphysics and hidden ancient knowledge lectures and ceremony. Accessing the unified field and activating quantum awakening of soul intelligence, for remembrance and transformation. Heal from the past, old wound paradigms and increase perception in preparation for the new era. Working with ancient sciences and technologies of time, sound, sacred intelligence and inner journeying with ancient Egyptian sacred oils. There are 30 places ONLY.  When you purchase 2 tickets, use this code "Questegypt2022" and receive a discount! Click here to register: QUEST EGYPT 2022 IS AN UNPRECEDENTED MAGICAL CREATION Our facilities are temples of healing, ceremony, prayer and evolution. Are you ready to join this visionary project where there is UPLEVELING of all dreams and possibilities to serve humanity. The event production is designed for the flight of soul as created in all Golden Ages […]


Embodying Truth & Aligning with Spirit: Laura Eisenhower – Dec 4, 2022

Learn How to Follow Our Hearts & Manifest Our Highest Visions & Callings Laura Eisenhower will bring inspiration and reminders about embracing our differences and how important it is to devote to evolving into a more conscious human in community and in the World, so that we can fully take responsibility and have the courage to do what is the priority and that is to protect our children and stand for our sovereignty and collective freedoms, so that we can come together as a human race and look to one another, the Earth and Holy Cosmic Trinity. Click the link to register: https://portaltoascension.org/event/laura-eisenhower-align-spirit Registration included Unlimited Replay access!! Dec 4 2022 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm PST / 3:00pm to 5:00pm EST $33.00 one-time payment    


Christ Revealed Docu-Series: Free 9-Day Viewing starts Dec 6, 2022

Free 9-Day Viewing - Online Event:  Christ Revealed Docu-Series Groundbreaking | World Changing | Inspiring FREE to watch all 9 episodes, as a special Christmas gift to you! Begins December 6, 2022  - Free viewing for a limited time! Click here to register: https://series.christrevealed.com/trailer/


7 Keys for Developing Your Innate Mediumship Skills – Dec 6, 2022 (FREE)

Free Online Event:    7 Keys for Developing Your Innate Mediumship Skills & Better Navigating the Sea of Consciousness Build confidence in your mediumship skills with celebrated medium Suzanne Giesemann December 6, 2022 at 8:30pm EST *Register to tune in or receive the recording: https://theshiftnetwork.com/7-Keys-Navigate-Sea-Consciousness


Paul Wallis: Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom – Dec 18 2022 (2 hour event)

Paul Wallis: Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom Paul Anthony Wallis is an internationally Bestselling Author, whose books probe world mythologies and ancestral narratives for their insights into human origins, human potential and our place in the cosmos. A popular speaker and researcher, his documentaries and collaborations are watched by millions. Sunday, December 18, 2022 4PM - 6PM PT / 7PM - 9PM ET $33 Click here to register: https://portaltoascension.org/event/paul-wallis-reclaim-ancient-wisdom/


What If Women Ran The World? Summit – Feb 14-28th, 2023 (FREE)

Hi, I’m Janet Bray Attwood, Join us on an inspiring 14-day journey to discover your true power, learn from top transformational women leaders and make a positive impact on the world. This FREE summit is different from any other virtual event you’ve attended, and I know it will be a transformative experience for you. When you listen to our conversation and to the 16 other remarkable conversations Janet hosted with women leaders of diverse ethnicities, expertise, and walks of life you’ll learn how to address the biggest challenges you’re facing in your own life, challenges we all face as women: Dealing with overwhelm Balancing time for yourself and supporting your family Facing the changes that menopause brings Learning how to embrace change while still being true to yourself Rediscovering the power of community and the company of other women Uncovering the means to activate and make use of the power of the unseen Click the link to register for free.  Also, you will have the ability to purchase all 17 speaker talks at a discounted price and review any time you wish!  https://sisterhoodplanet.com/womenruntheworld/?ref=46580&track_al=VoxYmq1TBgpoSywLWjYpzeWx  


Create Conscious Intimacy & Supercharge Your Love Life – FREE online video series

6 Practices to Expand Your Capacity for Passion, Co-Creativity, Harmony, Tenderness, and Trust - for Singles and Partners. FREE ONLINE VIDEO PROGRAM SERIES of two (2) 60 minutes videos - click the link: https://www.humanitysteam.org/masterclasses/higher-love/signup?inf_contact_key=bfd6315af04fc1b6348a4eb047324d50842e902fbefb79ab9abae13bfcb46658 with New York Times Bestselling Authors and Relationship Experts KATHERINE WOODWARD THOMAS & DR. LAURA BERMAN Attend anytime by signing up for free: https://www.humanitysteam.org/masterclasses/higher-love/signup?inf_contact_key=bfd6315af04fc1b6348a4eb047324d50842e902fbefb79ab9abae13bfcb46658

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