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Birthing a New World: 13th annual Global Oneness Summit & Celebration

registerfor freeCLICK HERE Oct 15 - 24, 2022 - click here to register: https://www.humanitysteam.org/Global-Oneness-Summit?affiliate=wishingwellproductions 10 days of free panels from over 100 transformational leaders, spiritual visionaries, scientists & award-winning musicians


Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit: FREE online webinar

FREE Online Summit: Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit During this 5-day event, discover how to hone your sensitivity superpowers, dissolve overwhelm & harness your innate power to thrive. Discover "Spiritual Kung Fu" as a powerful, psychic self-defense practice used to ground, clear and protect yourself, so you can move about the world with safety and confidence. October […]


The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Quantum Powers With Dr. Jean Houston (FREE 90 min class)

After mastering these Quantum Powers herself and proving their effectiveness with a private group of students, Jean decided it was time to reveal her findings to the world and begin training others to unlock the powers in themselves. When you claim your spot, you’ll get instant access to a downloadable guidebook designed to maximize your […]


The 10th annual Brain-A-Thon: Retrain the Brain for a Limitless Life (FREE)

You’re invited to be part of one of the biggest and most transformational virtual events this year, with over 100,000 attendees globally! 7 of the World’s Top Brain & Success Experts are going to show you how to “Retrain the Brain for a Limitless Life” at the 10th Annual LIVE Brain-A-Thon. Event time/date: Saturday October […]


10 Ways To Instantly Activate and Awaken… Free online event

Mirabai Devi Presents: 10 Ways To Instantly Activate and Awaken to a More Conscious & Fulfilling Life Right Now Be the awakened being of Light who also transforms the world around you, bringing Joy & Peace Join for an illuminating and also peaceful deep dive into the ways to access an accelerated ascension into the higher […]


The Quantum Creator Summit Season 9: FREE online event

Understanding the true nature of vibration and the unified quantum field is the Secret Sauce that 99% of humanity is unaware of at this time. When you sign up, you will receive mp3 soundtracks to catapult you into the new vibrational frequency! These mp3s will release your fear and get you flowing into a new […]


Ascension of the Soul 2-Day Online Conference: Free webinar

Activate Your True Potential, Unlock Your Gifts & Abilities, & Remember Who You Truly Are. During this 2 day online gathering, we are going to explore burning questions about the Soul’s Evolution and Ascension Don't miss: Ascension Tips: Blueprint to Support Your Journey towards Ascension with Debra Giusti October 29 - 30, 2022 10am - 6pm PT […]


Rockin’ Life At Any Age: FREE online Mega Event (Oct 31-Nov 4)

What do Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Dr. John Gray, Sister Jenna, the great spiritual master Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Debra Poneman all have in common? They know the secrets for creating a happy, successful, and deeply fulfilling life and are ready to share those secrets with you during the Global […]


Beyond the Veil Summit: Oct 31- Nov 4 2022 (Free online event)

Free Online Event: Beyond the Veil Summit During this 5-day event, hear illuminating insights from over 35 seasoned mediumship practitioners, channelers, “returnees” from near-death experiences, researchers, scientists, medical professionals, hospice workers & death doulas October 31 - November 4, 2022 Click to register for free: https://beyondtheveilsummit.com/


BioEnergetics Summit: Free online event (Nov 1 – 7, 2022)

Free Online Summit: BioEnergetics Summit 7-Day Virtual Summit with 30+ top doctors, researchers, New York Times bestselling authors and FREE access to several registration bonuses as a gift Starts November 1, 2022: click the link to register: https://drtalks.com/bioenergetics-2022/?oid=21&ref=2072&uid=96


Diamond Light Healer: Live online Master class (Nov 1 – Dec 20, 2022)

An 8 Week LIVE Online Journey to Activate YOUR Diamond Light Body Merkaba with Darcy Kopas and Robin Flynn November 1st - December 20th, 2022 “Diamond Light Healer, Diamond Light Warrior'' is a 8 week ceremonial process to catalyze the actualization of this light body for the full embodiment of your Holy Divine Sovereign Soul Power […]


12th International Globe Sound Healing Conference: Nov 9 – 13, 2022 (FREE)

5-Days of workshops & sound healing music featuring the world’s top sound healing professionals & researchers. Experience a balance of Left & Right brain workshops to expand the mind and open the heart. Offering the latest information and findings on the healing benefits of Sound. Each Presentation begins with an Online Sound Bath.  Nov 9 […]

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