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Finding Balance in Every Aspect of Your Life.



Everything is happening to serve our highest good – though it might not feel or seem that way at the present moment.

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The Divine Paradigm Symposium: 19 Thought Leaders reveal how to navigate this time of transition!

September 20 – October 10.

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“Everything that happens in my life is always in my favor, and I created it on some higher level of my own consciousness, for the purpose of discovering my own magnificence.”

In essence, you create your own reality!

Are you looking for your life to be different

than what it currently seems?

“Thoughts are energy, so thoughts can change our cells, our destiny and our world.”  Dr Sue Morter – The Energy Codes

Have you fallen victim to external forces or internal struggles and are looking for some sort of guidance and advice on how to navigate out of the issues and gain your power back?

You are a divine, sovereign being and have the

ability to be fully connected to your Higher Self

and live a purpose filled life.

We are here to assist you with tools, experiences and examples that show you how to overcome any issue or concern in your life, and open up your intuitive, spiritual gifts.  Plus, being fully supported throughout your journey.

Feel free to check out the free tools on the Home page, and our products and services throughout the website (still a work in progress and Calendar of Events coming soon).  Check out our YouTube channel for helpful tips on a variety of subjects as well.

Free Tools-Downloads

Meditation / Prayer

Be Calm Like Water – 1 PDF ebook – click here
Energy Clearing Prayer – click here
Guided Meditation on Connecting Our 3 Brains (from Lisa Barnett, The Akashic Records) – view here
Guided Meditation – Deep Healing Well Being – listen here
Into the Akashic Record – Guided Meditation (Lisa Barnett, The Akashic Records) – listen here
Mind Spirit Body Intuition Meditation – listen here
Prayer for Alignment – view here
Releasing The Old and Embodying Your Sovereign Truth – listen here
Self Love Meditation –  listen here

Health / Healing

2pm Refresher – view here
Ancient And Modern Secrets 2 Aging – ebook
Anxiety Antidote –  (from Quantum Sound Therapy) – listen here
Corona Virus Protection  – 35 min audio file (from Quantum Sound Therapy) – listen here Deep Healing Sleep – click here for MP3
Healing Mantras – PDF ebook
Healing-dreamscape – 12 min audio file
Live in Peace, Not in Pieces – ebook
Master The Perfect Night of Sleep  – ebook        Self Esteem advice from Dr Rubino – click here
Stress Release mp3 – listen here
Top 7 Brain Health Foods Vegetarian – Science of Prevention – ebook

Manifestation / Visualization

3 Steps to Inner Power and Peace –  ebook

Activate Your Soul Tribe – Click here for Ebook

Creating Your Miracle Mind – Click here for ebook

Hack your Magical Day – file 1file 2 and  ebook

How to Manifest Your Best Life by Dr Joe Rubino – Click here

The Power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – ebook

Success / Fulfillment

10 Ways To Jumpstart The Law Of Attraction In Your Life – 1 hour video: Dr Joe Rubino – play or download here

How To Create Win Win Situations – ebook

Persevere Till You Succeed – ebook

Steep in Your Inner Truth – click here for MP3

The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success – Debra Poneman: Click here for PDF ebook

Finding Balance & Peace

Each one of us is on a journey to discover who we truly are.  And many people have now woken up to the fact that we are pure energy, multi-dimensional beings, having a spiritual existence in physical form.

Discover Your Happiness

Learn healing techniques to overcome dis-ease, whether it is physical, emotional or mental.  Uncover the root cause of any concern and feel at ease in discovering your inner power in bringing joy, health and fulfillment back into your life.  And if you are just looking for a healing session, you can find that here as well from any one of our experienced healers.

Take a Free Session Today

Are you ready to make life feel more grounded and centered?  Ready to witness more miracles happening around you?  Take a look at what we’re about and see where your Higher Self is guiding you…

REFUND POLICY: Due to the energetic nature of the programs offered by https://thepaladina.com, there are no refunds.  Please be sure to carefully consider this refund policy prior to making your purchase.




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